StudySmile FAQ

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Account settings
Q. Is the member registration free?
Q. Will my membership ever expire?
Q. How can I update my account information?
Q. How can I delete my account?
Q. What kind of services can I get as a StudySmile member?
Q. What is the difference if I register with my facebook account or connect to my facebook account?
Find courses
Q. How much is to take a course?
Q. How can I find a course I want to take?
Q. What kind of course materials do you use for the course?
Q. Can I check difficulty or prerequisite of a course in advance?
Q. How much time do I need to complete one course?
Q. What is the course evaluation?
Apply courses
Q. How do I apply a course?
Q. When do I have to apply by?
Q. Can I apply several courses at once?
Q. Can I apply a list of people for one course at once?
Q. How many courses can I apply?
Q. How can I cancel the applied course?
Pay course fees
Q. How can I pay?
Q. When is the withdrawal for credit card payments?
Q. How can I update my registered credit card information?
Q. Is online registration of my credit card number secure for payment?
Q. Do you have any special offers or volume discounts?
Q. Can I get a receipt?
Study courses
Q. Which environments or browsers do you recommend?
Q. What is 'Access Key?'
Q. How can I start learning?
Q. I cannot see any videos.
Q. I cannot take an applied course paid through bank transfer.
Q. I have a question about my course content.
Q. Can I download the course text?
Q. Can I use course texts at our workshop or an event?
Q. How to cancel a course paid with monthly fee?
Provide courses
Q. What is 'Course provide'?
Q. How to provide courses?
Q. Do I get any support to provide courses?
Q. Can I request creating course text?
Q. What is the standard rule of release check?
Q. When is the course released if the request is approved?
Q. How do I update my released course?
Q. How do I close my released course?
Q. How do I get paid?