What is Study Smile?

e-Learning for everyone  - It's fun to learn for all ages -

You can find what you want to learn.

StudySmile is an e-Learning service for you all.

You will get many pleasures and achievements by learning new skills.

There is a fun to learn by improving you step by step. Let's start now from here.

You can learn anytime and anywhere.

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Because StudySmile is an e-Learning, you can learn anywhere you like and anytime you want.
You can start and continue to learn while you have your school, work and household.

Also, it's OK to stop anytime if you can't continue.
By using our saving function of study progress and result, you can take a break when you have no time to study and come back to study when you are ready to restart.
You can keep on learning, if you don't give up what you want to learn.

You can provide your courses.

StudySmile has a service that you can provide your courses.
You can create and register your web text, video and test easily. And you will get your students and a good income.

You can check participant# or sales displaying on chart monthly or yearly.
You can analyze and improve the course by checking user review.

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E-learning at company or school

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StudySmile offers e-learning to use exclusive environment such as company or school.
By using cloud computing(ASP), you need NO server or NO maintenance fee. Just pay for monthly flat fee.

This is good for someone would like to use LMS without initial cost and at low price, or use original text for employee training.