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Java Server Side

This course is for study of Servlet and JSP which are Java technologies to develop a web application.

You can learn basic technologies of Servlet and JSP, Cookie and Session and how to access to a database.

Nowaday, many developers can make programs without any knowledge of Servlet and JSP which are basic technologies of web application because they can use a framework.
However, it is better to understand Servlet and JSP as basic knowledge even when you are using a framework.
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Basic knowledge about relational database and SQL, Java basic syntax, Java database access and HTML basic syntax
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35  hours
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Tech Fun Corporation

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Chapter title Text Length
1 Web Application Overview
WebTXT -
2 Introduction of HTML
WebTXT -
3 First Servlet
WebTXT -
4 Basics of Servlet
WebTXT -
5 Output to Client
WebTXT -
6 Retrieve Request Data
WebTXT -
7 First JSP
WebTXT -
8 Basics of JSP
WebTXT -
9 JSP functions
WebTXT -
10 Combining Servlets and JSP
WebTXT -
11 Cookie and Session
WebTXT -
12 Connecting Database
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